awards given to dedicated bbsa players
Wednesday 2nd November 2005


Left to Right: Johan Pickard, John v d Westhuizen, Cyril Johannes, Ivan Adonis, Norman Adams, Peter Kastoor, Josias Welkom, Frans Pickard en Christo Appel (BBSA President) 

The annual brass band festival of the Moravian Church occurred the 9th of October in Pella. The festivity started the 8th of October with players from the Western Cape and three players from the Eastern Cape attending combined practices.

The festival continued on a very sunny Sunday morning with Moravian congregants sharing the day with the BBSA players during a morning service.

josias.jpgThis festival occurs to praise God with the sound of brass music. Players get to showcase their improvement from the past year and enjoy the simplicity of pure brass. The festival was well attended and brass spirit was in the air.

The combined bands consisted of Senior and Junior players and awards were given to the most dedicated long serviced players. Awards of dedication and praise were given to: Josias Welkom (on the right) who has played in the BBSA for forty years. He started at a young age of twelve years and plays in the Pella Brass Band.

news21nov2005FransPickard.jpgAnother member who has been in the BBSA for forty years is Frans Pickard (on the right) from Atlantis Brass Band. He started playing in the early sixties as tenor horn player in the Pella band and also masters the trumpet after a few years. He assisted the bandleader, Oom Berry Titus, with training of junior players and became the first person in BBSA Western Cape to be successful in training the first female players. He later joins the Atlantis congregation and in 1989 establishes a brass band and became the leader on request of Rev E Moos. He is retiring after fifteen years as leader of Atmor Brass Band and forty years as a BBSA player. He also had the privilege to serve as a committee member on the BBSA Executive for four years. His dedication and commitment to the BBSA shall be thoroughly missed.

Norman Adams from Mamre brass band has been a committed player in the BBSA. He retired after being a dedicated trumpet player for twenty-eight years of service in the BBSA.

Ivan Adonis form Mamre brass band is retiring after twenty-five years of service in the BBSA. He stated off on a flugel horn and retired as a very useful tuba player. His dedication to the BBSA will be missed.

news21nov2005PeterKastoor.jpgPeter Kastoor (on the right) retired as Pella’s brass band leader in 1963 and he lead the band for twenty-five years. He started his career well before the establishment of the BBSA Union. He received a 25 years award for his good leadership, excellent skill in music arrangements and dedication to brass band work and the BBSA.

Cyril Johannes started playing in the Mamre brass band since 1976 under the leadership of Br. Ronnie Johannes. His love for the trombone and dedication to the BBSA is highly praised and admired. He receives an award for twenty-three years service.

John Pickard for Pella brass band started playing the trumpet from 1968. He receives an award of ten years service in the BBSA. John van der Westhuizen also from Pella brass band started his service to the BBSA in 1971. He receives an award for ten years service in the BBSA. He is a dedicated and committed player.

The BBSA wishes to thank all the above-mentioned players for their service, commitment, dedication and love for their instruments.

Compiled by: Ivy Engel
Date: 2 November 2005

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awards given to dedicated bbsa players